Munken by Arctic Paper #CreateLate

“Magic happens in the moonlight. The magic of the moon is in it’s light, the infinity, continuous change, the great relationships – the universe! The being and the nothing. Magic happens in the moonlight.”

This is the beautiful and poetic words of the Swiss artist Piroska Szönye

( Her collage contribution to #CreateLate was made during a trip to Iceland, when she saw the beauty in the dark nights over there. Piroska likes to experiment with different materials and her collages are combined with paintings and text. She always wants her art to tell a story and goes with the expression “One piece of paper can change the world”.

#CreateLate is a celebration of the Munken Agenda 2020 where artists took inspiration from the Moon-theme, and the conceptual idea „The Day Begins at Midnight“. Find out more about the Munken Agenda at


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